2. Skill Development 

1. Presentations

​Science and Clinical Practicality

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Staff Meetings
  • Study Clubs
  • ​International Presentations
  • Joint speaking events featuring:
    • Dr. Iacopino 

THE WORKING MODEL… simply put, what works!

Sustainable SCIENCE-BASED Practice Builders!

Creating custom 'blueprints' 

  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Systems/Processes
  • Implementation 
  • Metrics

Level I  

Reach New Depths

  • 8 hours of lecture/HANDS-ON

Level II

Periodontal Therapist Modulel (PTM™)

  • 52 hours of lectures/HANDS-ON
  • PTM™ changing day in dentistry

3. Implementation

Calgary, Alberta

Periodontal Therapist Module - PTM™


Periodontal Therapist Module - PTM™

HANDS-ON skill development with ACTUAL PATIENTS


(i) Complete PTM™ - 52 hours theory/skill development; 3 weekends over 6 months; ratio 2:1

(ii) Specific PTM™ session(s) - customize your selection; theory and/or skill development; ratio 2:1

*PTM™ is cost-effective, as all clinical sessions generate income.

Red Deer

Winter 2020

Team Building Presentations

Skill Development Levels I & II 

Implementation of The Working Model

Calgary, AB
Winter 2020

A Team Approach to Periodontal Health
Date: TBD

Calgary, AB
Fall 2019

Calgary Peri-Implantitis Symposium
October 25, 2019


Register at: henlo.wiese@nobelbiocare.com

Calgary, AB

Winter 2019

The Working Model Practice Analysis

Evaluate the heartbeat of your clinic from the inside!

Complex patients will be seen and treated, a report will be generated and delivered same day. We uncover opportunities in practices! Income is generated during treatment therefore minimal cost to the analysis.

Calgary, AB

Spring 2019

HANDS-ON skill development - Complex Patients of Record

Session includes - 8 hours, all equipment, patients billed for treatment

A CE day like no other... work side by side on challenging patients of record to enhance comprehension, diagnosis, treatment planning and skills.

Winnipeg, MB

Is Dental Hygiene a Job or a Career?

Guest Speaker
University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene

Published Article

There's NO Time Like the Present for Hygienists

Get Off the 3 Month Merry-Go-Round - Part I

​The Science of Assessing Implants



The Working Model