THE WORKING MODEL… simply put, what works!

Sustainable SCIENCE-BASED Practice Builders!

Calgary, Alberta

Periodontal Therapist Module - PTM™


Periodontal Therapist Module - PTM™

HANDS-ON skill development with ACTUAL PATIENTS


(i) Complete PTM™ - 52 hours theory/skill development; 3 weekends over 6 months; ratio 2:1

(ii) Specific PTM™ session(s) - customize your selection; theory and/or skill development; ratio 2:1

*PTM™ is cost-effective, as all clinical sessions generate income.

Calgary, AB

Winter 2019

The Working Model Practice Analysis

Evaluate the heartbeat of your clinic from the inside!

Complex patients will be seen and treated, a report will be generated and delivered same day. We uncover opportunities in practices! Income is generated during treatment therefore minimal cost to the analysis.

Calgary, AB

Spring 2019

Reset your Practice and Career

Calgary District and Dental Society


March 22, 2019

The changing landscape in dentistry has created a need for fundamental processes and systems to change! Learn HOW to create momentum for change in your practice. 

Calgary, AB

Spring 2019

HANDS-ON skill development - Complex Patients of Record

Session includes - 8 hours, all equipment, patients billed for treatment

A CE day like no other... work side by side on challenging patients of record to enhance comprehension, diagnosis, treatment planning and skills.

Winnipeg, MB

Is Dental Hygiene a Job or a Career?

Guest Speaker
University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene

Published Article

There's NO Time Like the Present for Hygienists



Level I  

Reach New Depths

  • 8 hours of lecture/HANDS-ON

Level II

Periodontal Therapist Modulel (PTM™)

  • 52 hours of lectures/HANDS-ON
  • PTM™ changing day in dentistry

3. Implementation

The Working Model

Creating custom 'blueprints' 

  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Systems/Processes
  • Implementation 
  • Metrics

2. Skill Development 

​Science and Clinical Practicality

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Staff Meetings
  • Study Clubs
  • ​International Presentations
  • Joint speaking events featuring:
    • Dr. Iacopino 

1. Presentations